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About the App

Main informations on The MindTube

MindTube - The modern era of Mentalism!

Some of the key features of MindTube are:

Play the spectator's selected song on their phone. Force any type of video on their phone. Play any of your custom selected videos on your spectator's phone without touching their phone. Spectator's search for a song on Youtube on their phone and you know what they searched for exactly! And nowhere is a twist this time spectator think of any song it automatically starts playing on their phone. It has endless possibilities only imagination is your limit. Users can perform with any device whether android or ios.

  • 1. You can read your spectator's mind.
  • 2. You can play any selected song on their phone.
  • 3. You can force any song to your spectator.
  • 4. Play your own video on their phone.
  • 5. Perform with your spectator’s phone.
  • 6. No preset, No assistant needed, No storage required, No hidden work, can be performed surrounded.
  • 7. Customize own videos for the outcome.
  • 8. Force any song or video without touching their phone.
  • 9. It looks very natural and genuine, everything is being done on their phone.

MindTube by Badasha Khan.

How to Activate the App?

After you have successfully downloaded the app then you need to activate the app through app license key.

Follow the below steps to get the app license to activate the app.

1. Download the app and install it in the device

2. Send your Name and Registered Mail ID at: or


3. Make payment from any of the payment option given below.

4. Send a screenshot of successful payment at: or

5. Enter the App Key sent to your mail in The Ultimate Gallery App

6. Enjoy!!

You can get in touch with us through WhatsApp also at:
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Payment Modes

Choose any one payment mode to get License Key
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